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Fuel Poverty

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Fuel Poverty What's the problem?

It’s not just a problem in the winter – although it gets harder in the winter – but fuel poverty is an on-going problem throughout the year.

Imagine yourself struggling for money, and even though you have had food given to you by the local food bank, you can’t afford the electricity or gas to cook!

According to the charity National Energy Action (NEA) around 15% of households in the UK are in fuel poverty – defined as follows:

  • those that spend at least 10% or more of household income on fuel bills, or
  • Their income is below the poverty line (taking into account energy costs) and their energy costs are higher than is typical for their household type.

This currently (September 2017) represents 4 million households in the UK.

Fuel poverty is causing misery, ill health and premature death in millions of households across the UK.


of all households.


Our Mission Spring 2018

Our mission is to ensure that nobody in North Wales has to go without gas or electricity this year because they can’t afford it.